Taipei’s Legendary Home Kitchen, the Taste of Memory

The key to our success lies in our professional service, exquisite cuisine, top-selected ingredients, healthy commitments, and a warm, thoughtful and satisfactory environment. We are proud to be highly recommended by our regular customers as “the BEST FLAVOR, CUISINE, and SERVICE in town”.

In the heart of Taipei city surrounded by numerous international business headquarters, shopping malls, and a variety of restaurants and cafeteria, YU-HSI has stood out among others for more than 30 years since 1984. We are proud to be one of the legendary restaurants in Town that shares a lot of wonderful memories with our dedicated customers.

Yu-hsi’s legend began from his former name “Yu-He Garden” that had its grand opening back in 1984. The authenticity and delicacy of its cuisines have been widely recognized ever since by numerous high-profile political figures as well as business tycoons and celebrities. Most of the Taipei city mayors throughout history including Mayor Yang, Hsu, Wu, Huang, Chen, Ma, and Hau have all become regular customers of Yu-hsi. The current city mayor, Mr. Ko also regards Yu-hsi is one of the best restaurants in his list to host important private events.

The name of Yu-He Garden was changed into Yu-Hsi Restaurant in 2003 along with its expansion of operation. The first Mandarin letter “Yu” is the same as “Yu”of Yu-He to demonstrate that the legacy has been preserved and the second letter “Hsi” in Chinese means the delight and joy that Yu-hsi is long-committed to bring to its customers.


Chef Lu, Chin-tao

Executive Director, Dining Occupation Labor Union

Branch Chief, Sichuan Cuisine Branch, DOLU

Chief Lecturer, Wei Pavilion Chef School, DOLU

Mr. Lu, Chin-tao is Yu-hsi’s General Manager and Executive Chef. Mr. Lu has devoted himself into the study of Sichuan cuisine since he was young and mastered from the well-known School of Chengdu. Those precious experiences make Mr. Lu very famous for his excellency in presenting the most authentic Sichuan and Hunan cuisine. Under the management of Mr. Lu, Yu-hsi has been able to nourish a lot of award-winning talented chefs in Sichuan/Hunan cuisine. In addition to our commitment to authenticity, Yu-hsi also has developed numerous sets of innovative cuisine and courses for the customer.

Managing from the Heart, Serving with the Love

” Making a “tasty cuisine” is just our fundamentals to be a nice restaurant. What makes us much more “exceptional” is that we are dedicated to managing our legacy from the heart and serving the customer with the love. “Heart” and “love” are the secret sauces of our 30-year successful story and that philosophy will continue be carried out in our future path forward.

““The secret recipe behind the ‘extraordinariness’ of Yu-hsi’s various cuisines is its perfect combination of authenticity and innovation.””

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Open hours : Sun to Mon

11:30 – 14:30 / 17:30 – 21:30

Customer Service : 02-8773-8898

Location : 3rd Floor, Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec Daan District, Taipei City 289

MRT Bannan Line – Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Exit 1